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Congratulations to all of you doing SO poorly that you let 'The Boss' win! What were you guys thinking? He's not even Aussie!⁠

Lucky for You, he's going to donate his winnings to help offset the entry fee in 2022 for all those who played in 2021! This should bring the $30 entry down to $20. For those who didn't get involved (disappointing!), sorry you're going to have to flip the full amount...who knows though, you might come out on top with a wad of cold hard cash! You've gotta be in it to win it & who doesn't love a good underdog story! We're already looking forward to, what hopefully is a more normalised, 2022 season! You'll receive a pot each round you put your tips on at the pub, PLUS we'll be aiming to have an even bigger prize pool & more random prizes along with the meal voucher for perfect 9 rounds. See you at first bounce!

Cheers to all for playing! Check out where you finished up on the final leader board below

You can DOWNLOAD the leader board here 👇

Download PDF • 104KB

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